Plus an additional 13 miles and 45m home, that’s will be nearly 36 hours on a bike this month for ~530 miles. Mostly commuting.

Original post below:

412.7 miles on the bicycle(s) MTD. Aiming to hit 500 before Saturday the 30th. With a 13ish mile commute each way (26mi/day), should be looking good by Friday!

I’m fortunate enough to have a great route to ride to work. Of the 13 miles, 12 of them are on isolated bike paths along a creek or river and the remaining 1 mile has designated bike lanes. This keeps me out of traffic and intersections which helps with keeping a respectable pace. In peak rush hour, I can bike in the same amount of time it would take to drive.

Since I started biking to work about three months ago, I’ve put a lot of miles in. It’s been a much needed mental break to sort through a massive amount of stress and frustration lately and sometimes it feels like the only time I really know myself and know what to do is on a bike.