So close

Another late night. Almost done with the first storage unit. The final tally? 216 boxes, layed out in such a way that everything is visible and easy to get to. So how's your night going? 

Where we left off yesterday...

Removed the remaining greenery and proceeded to brainstorm ways to squeeze a rack on the right side despite it being two inches wider than the cubby allowed
Wiser heads prevailed, and I didn’t remove the metal brace on the right-hand side. However I might have heated it with a torch and beat it with a hammer to get the necessary fitment you see above. I’ll neither confirm or deny this.
Because of the insanely tight “fit” , I had to build this unit differently. All of the forward facing crossbars went on first, then were leveraged against the perpendicular unit in order to get proper spacing.
Success. 5th and final rack went in.
Back at HQ, I started making cuts and using the good ol’ pocket hole jig for something I thought up with the help of a fellow Oppo. Unfortunately... The power was out so I had to use hand saws. Fortunately... My boss has amazing hand saws. I didn’t know it was possible to manually cut through a 2x4 so quickly and with such amazing precision.
Frames laid out. Any guesses? Oh and I decided to add center bracing as well
Truck bed made for a solid workbench back at the storage units. I assembled everything here, and made a few more cuts. Clamping the wood to the tailgate actually worked quite well. Man I need a truck...
The whole night I was working in the storage unit, there was a guy in a truck two units down trying to sleep. I felt kinda bad, sawing away and drilling for three hours or so....
Both of these platforms will have 6 heavy duty castor wheels underneath, and support 32 additional boxes in total. When pushed to one side there will be pleeeeenty of space for an 8 ft step ladder to reach the tall stuff. Thank you Urambo Tauro for the “live aisle” idea! Decided to split it up into two sepperate parts to make it a bit more manageable.
Waiting on the wheels. Should arrive tomorrow. I’m considering buying some cheap industrial carpet and stapling it over the platforms, but I’m basically done in here. However there is still the other storage unit, that will need to fit almost 1000 wreaths, from 24" to 64" across, and 100's of 8ft garland strands.

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