So close!!! Gah!

Bad news first, I didn’t meet my goal of getting the floor in this weekend. I got close, but had to put it off Sunday to watch the second to last IndyCar race of the year. The season is almost over, and with a six month racing draught, I needs to enjoy that while I can. It was worth it.

The floor is Aquaguard laminate. I generally hate installing click lock flooring. This one is going together a little easier than most, but it’s still a pain. The finish on this stuff is hard as a rock, it’s commercial rated, and it was relatively cheap, so I decided to go for it. I do like the way it looks. More importantly, Mrs. Shop Teacher likes the way it looks. Unfortunately I will not finish it tomorrow, because I have to go rip the school board of my daughter’s school district a new asshole instead. That's a story for another time though.


I also installed the final cabinet, to the right of the microwave/hood. This one wasn’t part of the plan originally. It’s extra shallow because of the chimney. I’m happy with this addition though, it gives the kitchen a much more finished look, and it will be a good spice cabinet.

Oh yeah, and the Mrs decided we needed to expose the chimney brick, so we did that. I also finished running the hood vent from the kitchen ceiling, through the attic, and up to the roof vent my dad installed for me last month.


So yeah, productive weekend. Now for some Ibuprofen and bed.

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