So Close, So Close

After a year of listing on and off, I finally had someone bite on Craigslist that 1) spoke coherent English, 2) wasn’t flaky, 3) could keep an appointment, and 4) actually showed up to look at the car.

And, we couldn’t do the deal because my state makes you retain the license plate, and they didn’t have another one to get home. So, we will try again at the DMV parking lot on Wednesday - unless he gets second thoughts in the next 48 hours and backs out.


Right now, I’ve still got two other prospects, but, one lives on Staten Island and has been stringing me along since January about getting his nearby brother in law to come check it out, and the guy never calls.

One the plus side, I was able to get rid of the stairlift that came with my new house the same day I listed it, but that was free, so, the price was obviously better.

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