So close... so far... [updated 2x]

Made some progress on the Civic, but not as much as I’d like. Got one of the rear brake lines on, but the other has a stubborn flare nut. I’m going to let that one soak in PB Blaster before I try anything more advanced tomorrow. Still 3 4(!) out of 4 done!

Rears were just as perished as the fronts, so I am glad they’re getting done.


Sidenote: These ratcheting flare nut wrenches are awesome. Well worth the money. Got them for X-mas and hadn’t had the chance to use them before this project. Not sure this is the best type available, but I am just happy to have them. They’ve made this project so much easier!

[Update 10:32 Kinja time] Reading the reviews for my wrenches, which are criticized for being 12-point, reminded me that I have real flare nut wrenches too. Tried those and the nut broke loose, no problem. :facepalm:

Already in my pajamas, but I think I might do a little more work anyway...

[Update 2 11:05 Kinja tine] Good call. All 4 are complete! And my pajamas only smell a little like PB blaster and brake fluid! >_<

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