So I got the tie rods done (today or yesterday? I don’t remember) I did get the UCAs done today though. As I mentioned earlier. One of them had a crooked bushing so I had to get a shop to press in a new ball joint ($40).

Got all that done, greased the balljoints. Put the intake and spark plug wires back on and.... the battery was dead. Went back to Autozone again and got jumper cables.

At this point it was dark so I wasn’t able to get anything else done, but I called the tire shop and my wheels and tires came in and are ready to be put on (bastards never called me like they said they would.) So first thing tomarrow I’m going there and getting the tires and wheels mounted then to another shop to get the alignment. Apparently this tire shop doesn’t actual do alignments, they just gave me a $50 coupon to get an alignment at the shop my car was stolen the morning after picking it up from, so fuck them. But I have a coupon for a different one, the one who pressed in the ball joint.

Also I drove the car around the parking lot afterward. There’s still a suspension clunk seemingly coming from the front (I must say I’m terrible identifying were sounds are coming from, particularly on cars.) I think it’s either the ridiculous wheels or the sway bar end links. All the bushings and ball joints are good now, but the end links weren’t looking so good, but fuck this car so hard at this point. Anyway, I’ll ask the tire shop to double check the suspension when I take it in.

Also, the slack in the steering is gone. So that’s good.

Also, I rented some oxygen sensors from Autozone today. I tried taking off the heat shield on the exhaust manifold and one of the fucking bolts snapped clean off. An 11mm was too small, yet a 12mm turned out to be slightly too big apparently. Anyway fuck this car. It’s from Texas it has no excuse for being a rusty piece of shit like this. My last two 90's Honda’s were older and were from the PNW and were no were near this bad. In fact I never broke a bolt on either of them.


Couldn’t even get the head out of the fucking socket. And I tried PB blaster and smacking it with a hammer.

 Things it still needs:

O2 sensor- I have the part, but no socket. The sockets from autozone would fit with the shield in place. I found out after breaking that shield bolt.


Shifter bushings- Still haven’t ordered them. I’m planning on going to Houston for Thanksgiving and I think I can manage that without 5th. Plus it should pass inspection as-is I think.

Radio- I have that already. I’ll hopefully get that put in tomarrow. Because I think I’d rather have that driving to Houston than 5th gear.

Immobilizer- Have that too, but that’ll go in last. I still need to buy a cordless soldering iron, since I don’t think I’d trust butt connectors with that. And using the propane torch inside the car probably isn’t an excellent idea.


Also need to fix the nasty ass center console/arm rest thing. But that’s super super last. Along with the steering wheel cover.