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So cold.... But we arrived alive!

Only two photos yesterday because we were playing tag with black clouds all day, or traffic conditions weren’t safe to stop. As we left Jackson lake yesterday morning the weather was absolutely beautiful, no wind, no clouds, but it was only about 40 degrees. Warmed up a little as we rode on, but soon enough we were going over a mountain pass with almost 10,000ft elevation and snow piles all over the hillsides. Road was dry, but temps stopped to about 35.

Went through Wind River Canyon just south of Thermopolis, WY. Holy crap. What a beautiful stretch of road. Strongly suggest you all check this out at some point. It caught us by surprise, we had no idea it was there.


Then we were on to Big Horn National Forest. Again, absolutely gorgeous. Incredible. Indescribable. Until the rain hit. And it was heavy. And temps dropped to about 37. There monster kept warning me of ice and engine temps were hovering around 100 degrees, basically cold. But that was only 45 minutes. And no hail like the morning before!

After that we spent a bunch of time on the interstate in and out of light rain and luckily avoiding some nasty storm cells just to the north and south of us.


But we made it safely to Sturgis. Where my dad’s bike was the only Harley at his favorite biker bar here! And look at the silly wannabe adv bikes! They only wish they could into adv like the monster!

Actually the adv guys were super cool. Older gents who’d been in the road for a few weeks already. Basically taking a similar route as me, but headed in the opposite direction.


Today we'll be exploring the Black hills before heading through the Badlands and stopping for the night in Brookings. But the weather looks nice for most of today!

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