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My wife was going to drive my truck on Friday, but when she got in the HVAC blower wasn’t working. A vehicle with no working defroster in December is completely useless around here.


I knew the most likely cause was the blower motor resistor. I was able to get both a resistor and a blower motor for under $70 so I decided to do both to be sure I didn’t have to mess with it twice.

I had to remove to screws from the cover panel to get it loose enough for access, two more to be able to get the resistor out, and a screwdriver to disconnect one of the set of wires.


Then we come to the blower motor. It requires ZERO tools! It has a little plastic tab you pull down on, and then a simple wrist twist and it’s out.

I’ve never replaced one in a different vehicle so this may be common, but I was happy to see I didn’t need to contort myself under the dash.

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