Well, there has been progress with the exxy. Turns out I wasn’t quite as nearly done as I’d hoped...

Couldn’t get the brakes to bleed properly, but managed to find a set of Montecarlo 38mm calipers. Same design including the handbrake, just a bigger piston. Rebuilt them, fitted and still won’t bleed. Read somewhere you might need to have the handbrake cables loose for them to bleed properly. I’ll try that next.


While it was outside I thought I’d have a go at fixing the alternator. Replaced the junky old wire from alternator to starter, and thought I’d take a positive feed to make a relay for the starter solenoid as about about half the time it wouldn’t engage (not enough juice unless the battery was freshly charged).

Old and busted/new hotness:

Original solenoid wire now triggers a relay which takes power straight from the positive post on the starter rather than potting power straight through the ignition switch (terrible idea).

Worked beautifully! Starter engages every time, and spins quicker too. Perfect...except that it wouldn’t start now.



Bit of troubleshooting and it would seem that the ignition ECU and coil weren’t getting power. After lots of chasing the loom around and trying to puzzle out gow the PO had spliced together the X1/9 and Uno Turbo looms we discovered that he’d powered both the ignition coil and ECU through the old dinky ignition coil wire. Really didn’t like the idea of having the power for an old and expensive Italian ECU come directly from a noisy coil.


The answer? Fusebox and more relays!


So we’ve got a positive feed from the starter going to a fusebox, with separate relays for the coil, ignition ECU and fuel system tachometric relay triggered by the old ignition coil wire, and the aforementioned starter relay.

Works a treat!

Now I’ve just got the same thing to do with the headlights which have started blowing fuses and have a similarly confusing wiring setup...


At this rate I might get an MoT this month!

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