So, Elon Musk was in my dream last night...

Yup. Good Guy Musk was in my dream last night. Along with a C-list actor that I can not think of his name or anything he has been in so I can not tell you who it was. That guy was Elon's right hand man. And they were bad guys. It is like I was in a movie.

I was apparently a federal agent of some kind, trying to figure out what those two were up to at some property they just bought. I was sneaking around, and decided to hide in a van or truck or something. Then I fell asleep and when I came to, they were in and driving. Since they did not know I was there, they were talking about all of their evil plans. Nothing real sinister. More just like buying up real estate out from under people for a cheap price, then reselling it for enormous profit. But I think I was trying to figure out why they needed the money. You know, all 80's action movie style type motives. Make money in some legal, but shady way, to fund a death ray or something.


They had not seen me, so when they arrived to Elon's big mansion, they found me. I acted like I was a homeless guy and was just looking for somewhere to take a quick nap. They invited me inside the home.

He was having a huge party, and showed me around. They kept talking about their evil deeds and kind of hinted at letting me into their scheme. But then I had to report back to my crime fighting partner who I was separated from back at the other location.


Then I woke up.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I was naked when I was in their van/truck thing? Yeah. Not sure what that was about.


Now, have a Fisker Karma, because LULZ.

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