I can taste it. Bump for the daylight crowd.

So one of the main problems I had left was from the dipstick. Namely, the machine shop broke it off (not suprising) and then didn’t tell me until I picked it up (more suprising).


Well, oe ones are expensive and aftermarket ones are kind of sucky. If I don’t go with an orig specification stick I wont know how much to trim it down, as... I don’t know the damn oil level.

The reproduction ones .... (wait for it).... weren’t designed for headers! I ended having to trim about an inch off the bottom of the tube just to get it into the hole straight under the header flange. Hopefully this won’t result in the dipstick bending and getting pulled into the crankshaft or some shit.

I also did some creative bending with my brake line tool and it seems that is where I messed up: at the factory angle the tube wants to jut off into the brake lines but when bent in it’s correct location the dipstick refuses to go in because of the steep angle. This is no matter how much I twist and torture it.


TL:DR I can’t start my engine because I can’t check the damn oil level.

Also, my battery discharged despite not being connected to anything at all. charging it is not providing a lot of good info either, as the charger seems to float around 5 amps for hours and hours. not sure if this means it’s dead or not, but at least I can get one of these at any auto parts store.


Napa brand -The Legend. Legend at sucking ass I guess.

I’ll repost this tomorrow for the daytime crew.

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