So Fastest Car = Fastest 1/4 Mile?

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I was relatively excited to see what these guys were doing with this new show, but after watching 1.5 of them, I’m a bit meh about it.


I get it -they found people that already had cars completed, so there really isn’t a “build” portion of the video. They try, like when people are tweaking boost / timing / NOS, or in the second one where the guy has a vibration in his tranny and needs to swap in a new one.

But the whole concept is just a bit too contrived - and simplistic.

In the first video, two of the three “sleepers” are built by shops. Shops that have all kinds of ridiculous hardware they COULD have entered. They just “picked” a “sleeper” (whatever that actually means, here).


[SPOILER] And it was gratifying that the guy who won the first one had a completely home-built (on less than a shoestring, but the looks of it) car.

Especially the guy who had a 1000 hp Honda Odyssey. Which he ran instead of any of the other dozens of crazy fast cars he owns.


I mean, I’d have loved to see an old 930 turbo beat some new supercar.

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Is a 911 - even an old one - less of a sleeper than a 1000hp Honda Odyssey? Sure. But there’s a big catch.

Here’s the deal.

These guys posed the question of “what’s the most underrated car of the last 20 years?” in one of those sponsored posts. I have an E36 M3, and think it’s up there.

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Highly underrated, I mean. Here is my reply - if you want to read the whole discussion, or this is the gist of it:

While it could have been better, I struggle to see how that detracts from what it is. It’s capable, reliable, and is a favorite track machine for its durability and driving qualities.

And especially with the 4 door / 5 speed version, it’s a great sleeper.

One of the witty retorts was:

And is smoked every time, rather summarily, by garden variety v6 Camries!

Solid choice indeed!


I get it.

It’s not that fast by today’s standard.

(Honor insists I point out that this isn’t actually true - a stock E36 M3 is faster than any stock V6 Camry, and once you start modifying, the gap widens.)


But it’s true - it’s not terribly fast by today’s standard, and 240 hp is pretty ho-hum these days.

But take it to an actual race track, and it wouldn’t even be close.

So maybe I was expecting too much. But I’d much rather see an actual race than these contrived 1/4 mile races. If you can make it go AND turn and stop, not I’m interested.


Anyway, here are some more of these old vs new, stock for stock videos.

Camry beating a Ferrari 308.

And that 911 turbo up there. ALSO probably be slower than a Camry.

How about this Edmunds video of a Camry and a ‘66 Vette?

So how about we try this whole old vs new, built not bought concept again, but we use an actual racetrack instead of a stupid drag strip?

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