I know the answer is always "Miata", but I'm simply too tall. Ideas?

Right now I've got my eye one this Ford Focus. 2.0, manual, ZX3. The idea would be to splurge a bit on wheels and shocks, and hopefully get it up to 170 HP.

I need a new car, I've decided to gift the now broken Camry back to my father and am beginning the hunt for a new car. I have a list if things I want/need from a car, so here goes:

I must, of course, fit into the damn thing. 6'4" with long legs makes a first-gen Miata undriveable.

It ought to get reasonable gas mileage. Sure, I'd love to have an old Challenger that's been freshly primered and needs interior work, but I simply can't afford the fuel. I don't exactly need a Prius either... I'd hope to get at least 20 in town and more than 25 on the freeway.

It needs to run.
While I relish the idea of getting a Volvo or something unique, I simply can't afford to waste time ordering obscure parts and spending heaps of money on labor. Upkeep can be planned, but a lack of reliability kills my life.


It should have room for stuff.
I quite enjoyed the ample trunk and rear seat space in the Camry. I could fill it to the brim with everything I needed, and off I went. I don't need a 4-door anymore, but if it's a two-door it needs to have a reasonable chunk of storage space.

It shouldn't be uncomfortable.
Notice how I worded that. I don't need a great big cushy Jag, but the seats shouldn't be total trash either.


Obviously this is Oppo, so I assume you know I'd like something sporty too. Any ideas?