Tell me what I need to know. I never played the first one. Does tuning do anything productive to the cars? In Forza Motorsports you can notice some differences in handling and grip, but in an arcade game is it worth spending any time messing with it?

Rivals. When it gives me someone not on my friends list does that mean I've beaten all of my friends (I have a ton playing it).

It is funny to me when one of my friends is in a Ferrari F40 for a rivals challenge and I'm in a BMW Z4.

There doesn't seem to be a career mode per se, but there appears to be a pile of events to go back to and race in different cars. I've not yet figured out where to buy cars. I just get them gifted and win them.

Other than the 15% bonus for having it off is there any reason I'd turn off rewind mode?

How about damage? I mean this is an arcade open worlder where half the time you're driving through fields. Why on earth would anyone turn damage on?


I seem to be having a hard time acrruing much in the way of skill points. The first point came easy. How much do I have to do to get more skill points? What's the best way to get them?

How do I join a club? I know what one I want to join. How do I join it?