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So #Hashtag

Many Millennial.

Im so conflicted with this. There are so many great ideas here - A genuinely adventure ready basic platform that will be affordable. There are some neat touches too the lighting from the windows, the tie downs, the inverter, the hatch, etc etc. Its even right on the money for the competition - good angles, small but adequate engine, a 4wd system that is supposed to be legit.


But this is sooooo painful to watch from a car enthusiasts perspective. I guess from an active person perspective its interesting, but even then there is a lot of gimmick here that should appear stupid to even the most car agnostic.

Removable stereo? No! I want my car to have a stereo and if I need audio away from my car, I’ll bring a speaker...its not like they are expensive. You know what would be expensive? Replacing your Toyota part number car stereo that was lost, left out in the rain or dropped. This is by far the worst idea of this car, and the next ones are related.


Integrated sleeping bag? no! camping makes things stink, why would I want that to be a part of my car full time?

Removable flashlights? NO! See stereo - Bring a damn flashlight if you need a flashlight.

Removable water bottles? Forget to wash it out for a week and tell me integrated water bottles are still a great idea.

Phone dash? I’ve said it before and Im saying it now - people who use their phone for a dash have broken/nonexistent gauges. Its not cool, it sucks and its done out of necessity.


I really want this to end up as something cool, cause it has the potential to be...and not just #cool.

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