If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

So hear me out...

So I have a muscle car, a muscle car that I would like to take rallycrossing when I finish it.

The problem is that the chance of something failing/breaking/crashing in a racing situation is higher than normal. Thus, I would like to trailer it to the destination. I have access to a trailer, but the truck capable of pulling it is my dad's company truck which only he could drive, which would in turn severely inconvenience him.


I would love to get a $2000-$3500 F100 or Ranger ( *Cough*:



But that is just not in the cards. SO WHAT I WAS THINKING:

Ask the local Ford dealerships here if, in exchange for a loaner F150 for the weekend, they would do their own livery on my car and get photos of the car (sitting and in action) for their promotional purposes.

Am I crazy? Do dealerships do stuff like that anymore? I wouldn't be asking for money or servicing, just the borrowing of a truck (although tires would be nice...) for the great majority of the sponsorship space.

I know I'm crazy, but it's just a random thought I'd throw out there to discuss with you guys.

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