WARNING: this assumes I have money to blow. Like, $120k minimum. You’ll see after the jump.

Budget: $52k-$100k new, full price.
Selected Coupe, Sedan, and Wagon.
Most important quality in a coworker: Helpfulness
Meeting new people: yes
Pictures to view: Space
Following friends: No (technically “Meh”)
AI: Sure.
Admire or Like: Just “like”. Just. I mean adequate.
Contradicting others: Some fun.
Sports following: RACING IS A SPORT DAMMIT!!!
World or Country: one at a time.
Modern House or Classic House: Neoclassical postmodernism.
Lonesome or Moresome: Mostly moresome
Learning about how shit works: FEED ME MORE!!!
Save Trees or Save Money: I can do both. And neither.
Swagger or Staunchness: Both. I want elegance that stands the test of time.
Like reading up on history? Yes.
Superpower: Shapeshifting and duplication, but no cigar, so Time Travel
No Sweat or Full Completion: Eh, I only need to be *this* great.
Weekend Clothing: Adequate comfort. I like to keep it simple.
More appealing dress: Get spiffy.
Jobs or Environment? Sustainability.
I admire Mother Teresa, because doing good to the poor is underrated.
Practical car or fun car: Uh, dude, I chose Coupe, Sedan, and Wagon, so I want some spice in my school run.
Fun to drive or Fun to look at? Mostly fun to drive, though at least style the car well.
Cartoon characters are cute. Most of them. 8 out of 10.
If we’re eating out at a Michelin 3-star, keep the kids out. Kiddie dates are movie dates.
Punish murderers, terrorists, human traffickers, rapists and child molesters, drug lords, and ID thieves. The rest? They can be changed.
Go on a date: CGP Grey says go some place scary, so go hiking.
Watching bands: Any which way. DJs? Party. Kyla, Nina, Sitti, and Juris? Music Museum.
What would you rather do on your birthday? Dinner with family, then arcade with friends.


My Top 3 New:


Not bad, but the Volvo V60 is right in the bottom, and the Caddilac CTS-V is midpack.

My top 3 used...


Same story, but...


Not bad, all things considered.