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So here's something hella tricky

Mostly, RPG roles boil down to offensive, defensive and support, right? As an oversimplification, it kinda goes like that.


From there, the classes are formed. There are offensive classes that deal different types of damage in different aspects at different amounts, there are defensive classes that can either be active or passive in how they do the job, and there are support classes that supply, repair and/or reinforce the other two roles. Some are specialists who do pure healing or pure DPS, while others are multi-role types that can combine attack, defense and support capabilities or talents (like tank-types that can soak up damage while dealing heavy hits).

Where am I going with this? I have no clue (because as usual, the idea only turns into a lumpy mess in my scatterbrained dreams), but a chat line with a fellow college nerd got me thinking of what sort of roles a DnD-like near-futuristic/cyberpunk role-player will be.

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