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So, how does that vinyl wrap look after one year?

I remember sitting in this 4Runner when the dealer had it sitting in the showroom. I think it’s unique and ok looking (I don’t like the gloss black fender flares. It doesn’t match the rest of the truck, IMO.)

Overall, the wrap is still in good shape, except for where the windshield washer fluid would run onto the rear hatch. It’s quite stained and discolored. The vinyl (I assume it’s vinyl and not dip) on the hatch spoiler is also stained.


That’s not dirty, that’s stained. If I remember correctly, they wanted high $50k for this custom TRD Off Road. I’d be pretty annoyed at that happening to the finish of my expensive vehicle. I wonder if that’d part of the reason why it’s back on the lot after 1 year.

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