SLS for your time.

So the time of car-buying will soon be upon me, and a few friend suggested that I look into Costco/Sam’s Club to see if they had any deals. I mostly scoffed at this thought, assuming that there would be minimal savings. Oddly, though, the savings don’t appear to be as minimal as I thought;

So here’s the cheapest one I can find at a dealer...


and here’s what the Sam’s Club/TrueCar thing spits out...

Well, that’s pretty surprising. The same level of savings got spat at me on the Optima I was looking at too.

Clicking the whole “view member pricing” thing takes me to the next page, where it says there are 3 dealers in their “network” who would review and contact me... possibly with spam (ugh).


That said, I’m not entirely sure how it works from there. Do I have to negotiate to that price? Do they just say “okay, this is the price, come get it and we’ll figure out financing?” I’d appreciate anyone with experience.

Also, this is almost certainly at the top of the HP/$ scale. Would make me look like a basic bro though.