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When did this all start? It has been so long that I can’t recall. It took a while to adjust, but it’s getting to feel relatively normal at this point...


Since it all started:

  • I have barely driven my car. It was already barely driven, now it’s practically a garage sculpture.
  • I haven’t bought gas for either of our cars.
  • We made our first grocery delivery order.
  • In early March we mostly kept purchasing things like nothing had happened. Some buying even went up a bit for a while because we didn’t have much else to do.
  • Now that Amazon isn’t quickly filling orders for nonessential items, we have reduced our non-essential purchasing substantially. The amount of money I’m projecting we’ll have left over this month is pretty ridiculous.
  • We are no longer taking the baby to daycare, so that is no longer being spent (but juggling him between the two of us while we’re working from home is really wearing on us).
  • We have stopped seeing/visiting my in-laws because their risk is too high.
  • Our retirement savings are down roughly 30%.
  • My lawn is like 8" long because my yard maintenance guys are apparently not essential, even though they never encounter any of us at all during their usual visits...
  • I have cooked most of our dinners on my grill. So many that I had to refill my propane tanks today...
  • I’m gaining weight.
  • I got my allergy shot. This is particularly important when there’s an illness that everyone is afraid of going around and you’re plugged/sneezing perpetually.
  • The dog is in desperate need of a grooming. It was set for 03/23, now it’s 04/22, but I have my doubts that it’ll happen.
  • The baby needs a haircut badly. My wife doesn’t want me to go after his hair with my beard trimmer, but if this goes on much longer it might be the only option.

So, how is life going for you?

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