Yeah, aside from that dumbass phone call, mine was pretty uneventful. Which is everything I wanted after the last one, when I had to fix my clutch and study for two stupid exams, plus turn in a presentation on gonorrhoea. This weekend was all about my car though.

Friday afternoon I took the Tipo to a service station for routine maintenance (tire pressure, fluids, oil) and a basic check up and everything seems to be in working order. I didn't get to run compression and power/torque tests as I wanted to, but the engine is running so smooth I probably shouldn't worry so much about it as I do. The squealing on the rear left brake isn't caused by a distorted disc, as I'd though, but because the brake caliper is old and worn out and a bit loose too, so it "collapses" on the disc at low speeds, so I'll have to swap it when I have the time and money. There are also some minor electrical gremlins, which are more than expected for an 18 years old italian car, so I'll probably redo the wiring while on vacation as well.

Saturday, I also filled up on gas (6.8 km/l this time, far below the 10.8 I got when I brought the car from my parents' place) and washed the car (it started raining shortly after, as usual), so I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow's commute on a clean, tweaked up car with a full tank.