So hows the Titan doing?

Compared to the other players in the lucrative full size truck segment? Dead last sales wise. In another instance of Nissan letting a vehicle languish for too long then having to play catch up when its finally updated, Nissan released the redesign from the ground up second gen Titan last year after the first gen was sold literally unchanged from 03'-15'. 12 years. That’s an eternity. When it debuted it finally came with a diesel option and looked the part, (though its still in a weird in-between area size wise), but was late to the game.

But like I said, sales wise with competitors, its dead last, with the even older Frontier outselling it with ytd sales as of July of 45,460. Here are the numbers:


  • 2016 Sales: 22,420
  • 2017 sales up to July: 28,255


  • 2016 Sales: 820,799 (literally no competition. Ford consistently blows everyone else out of the water by hundreds of thousands of units)
  • 2017 sales up to July: 499,327


  • 2016 sales: 524,876
  • 2017 sales up to July: 308,906


  • 2016 sales: 487,558
  • 2017 sales up to July: 290,151


  • 2016 sales: 115,489
  • 2017 sales up to July: 64,198

Compared to the others, Nissan isn’t really selling many. Like at all. They are a drop in the bucket. Personally I think Nissan should just throw in the towel. At this point they are too far behind to do or introduce anything that could sway enough buyers over to consider them. Even an HD version would be too late. What do you guys think of the sales? Should they throw in the towel? Or keep trying only to be last?


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