So... Hyundai i30 N is here!

Old and new together

Today I picked up my new car from the dealer, an Engine Red Hyundai i30 N. For those of you not familiar with the car, it’s basically Hyundai’s first attempt at a properly hot hatch for more performance focused buyers. So it tends to go up against things like the Golf GTI and Peugeot 308 GTI.

Pretty much all reviews tend to agree so far, Hyundai has done a pretty damn good job.


So I picked it up around noon and basically spent the rest of the day driving with some friends since I needed to break in the engine. One thousand kilometers keeping it under 3000 RPM. If you’ve seen any videos about this car or the Veloster N, you might know the sound it can produce. It mostly does this above 3000 RPM. Needless to say I failed a few times at keeping it below 3000.

Anyway, some pics of today. More detailed write up coming in the near future.


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