Yeah...My bad? Sit around kids and adults, K-Roll's gonna share a story of sheer luck and stupidity that just happened an hour ago. In short(if you don't wanna read below), WRX messes around with me, I play along too aggressively, cop pulls WRX instead of me. My actions were bad, and I should feel bad. :(

So I was driving home from my friend's house after discussing cars and WW2 History(one of my hobbies). I decided to take Woodward even though it's technically out of the way from my house; Woodward is just fun any time of the day for me. As I'm rolling down the road, the sound of a boxer engine and a turbo's blow-off valve gets really close to me; out of nowhere, a blue WRX sedan pulls next to me and slows back down, and repeats this until we get to a red light. Now I'm tired and not really in the mood for someone wanting to do a quick pull on the very empty stretch of road that was Woodward, but I say "Fuckit" and I hadn't done anything fun today so when the light turned green, I slowly took off, and sped up quickly.

Before I know it, I'm doing 80 in a 45, and the WRX is keeping up; I was having too much fun. He let's up seconds before I let off the gas. By this point, I'm doing 50 and coasting when I see the reds and blues behind me, and I'm thinking, "crap, finally get my first ticket -_-". Now, it should be established that while I'm generally smart, safe, and cautious driver, with the ST, I do tend to let my inner hoon out when no ones around, like tonight; and can you blame me?(of course!) The ST is such fun car and as many times as I've knocked on wood and haven't been pulled over when I should have been many times in the past few months(I'm very good at going well over the speed limit at times), I knew that this time, I deserved it for doing something clearly irresponsible, as my heart sank and I began to slow down even more. What I didn't notice, was that the lights from the cop car were about five school bus lengths behind me and the WRX was pulled over. Boy did I feel shitty about that, as I knew it was my fault(both of ours really). :(

So I turn onto the first street and hide in a dark neighborhood for a couple minutes, before I head on home. Knowing that the WRX driver had to be on the local Facebook car group page, I checked to see if he posted about it, I had planned on asking if he was on there and apologizing; but he beat me to it and gave me a very capitalized "FUCK YOU BLUE ST ON WW". I quickly explained my side of the story on how I thought he was toying with me and I was ignoring him up until that light. Luckily, he only got off with a speed violation and the best part that made my night, he told me that when he was talking to the cop the only reason the cop went after him and not me, is because where he slowed down once he saw the cop way before me, I just coasted down to a reasonable speed and I was too far to be worthwhile to catch at that point.

Yes, I did kinda fuck up tonight, and I do kinda feel bad about it and there's some regret, but it happens right? It could have been worse, that's for sure. If I was running the Stage 1 tune(which I had taken off just before I went to work this morning), I could have chirped the tires into 2nd gear and that would have been enough to get me pulled over rather than the WRX.


Lesson: Have some fun while your driving, but don't overdo it and stay safe on the roads my friends.

I'm off to bed, I may repost this in the morning, but for now, I'm getting my flame-resistant pajamas.