So...I bought a German thing...

I had asked for opinions on a vehicle about a week and a half ago and last Saturday I bought that thing.

Meet Firewrx’s new DD, a 2012 Mercedes-Benz C250. Only 14,400 miles and in a red that I would hate on ANY other car.


It has 18” AMG wheels that are stock on the C250 coupes and I love them. (I honestly thought the wheels were 17’s in person before I read the side wall.

It has LED taillights and DRL’s that I love and, truth be told, I LOVE the panoramic sunroof!!! And as far as pickup and handling goes...this car is MUCH better than anyone gives it credit for. I’ve not had a single moment when I’ve needed more or been upset with what the turbo 1.8L gave me. (Terrible photos...excuse the phone, it’s being used in the hands of an bad...)


Now my garage looks like this:


The first thing that will be done to the C250 is it will get some tinting. I haven’t had a car without tint in a while and it is quite a startling thing.

Also, I still have the Charger for the time being, but I know it will have to sell within the next couple months. I’ll be sure to make the best of the time I have with it though :)

Dang, I’m gonna miss this car!


Anyways Opponauts, keep your weekends oppo!

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