So I bought a thing on vacation, then drove it approx. 1600 miles home.

Yes, I bought an i3 to join the family. It’s a 2017 Deka World REx 94Ah with all of the options, and I got it CPO. And I love it!

I bought it just outside of San Diego while on our family vacation to Disneyland. I had found one closer, but didn’t have the bigger battery or sunroof like this one, and it wasn’t this super awesome blue.


After a couple of days of Disneyland stuff and other touristy stuff in L.A. we proceeded to head home. As an extra security measure to make sure we weren’t stranded in the desert I stopped by a Home Depot and picked up a 2 gallon gas can and stored it in the frunk. Maybe not entirely the safest, but better than having it in the car and possible giving off fumes. I didn’t end up using it fortunately.

We took I15 and I40 to get home and stopped off to take a few photos and see some scenery on the way home.

It was a good trip back, although I’m pretty sure I have now stopped at nearly every gas station between Oklahoma City and L.A. It worked for us though, as my daughters are 5 & 8 years old and are always hungry or have to use the bathroom.

As for the car, it drives and handles well, and being electric is pretty quick. Dealer told me it’s the quickest car in BMW’s line up from 0-30, which I have also read elsewhere. It is quieter than I was expecting as far as roan noise goes. The seats are awesome and the girls never complained about their butts hurting as they do in my 2015 SHO, and they can both see out of their windows, which is very difficult in the SHO.


I charged it at 4 quick charge stations for just under an hour each time to fill the battery, and stopped at a LOT of gas stations as mentioned previously.

This one was conveniently at a gas station, which is perfect for this car.


And two of the chargers I stopped at were at a Walmart, and one at a Sam’s Club. The Walmart chargers were convenient as I needed to grab more windshield washer fluid and snacks, and Rain-X for the windshield.


I love the look of the C7 Vette, but I have to say I like the uniqueness and looks of the i3 a little better.


Anyway! Enough mumbling and terrible grammar, here are some more photos of the trip! And yes, I did take it very carefully and not too far off paved roads onto very poorly maintained dirt roads, I just didn’t get any photos. I did get some of it on some unpaved pull offs though..

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