So I Bought an Audi A5 Sportback, and sold my M3(STORY)

I'm back, you didn't even realize I was gone did you?... :(((

Anyway, this is basically an update on my long waited BMW M3, which I traded back today, because of some personal issues with the car, and some issues with my insurance company, the car ended up costing much more than what I anticipated, mainly because I'm still in the "High-risk" insurance group, because I'm under the age of 25. I tend to switch cars quiet often, and the M3 is way to pricey for me to still own 3-4 cars more, which I do, at the moment(V10 Touareg, E320, and now an Audi A5 Sportback) A V10 review is in the making, the same as an Audi A5 review.


Anyway, I present you my new car, and basically just wanna show off. Please don't kill me, I would rather own an M3, just can't afford it right now.

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