So I bought something off of craigslist today... (Story inside)

A track set for my m3. 285 square.

But the story of me buying it is interesting. I bought these off of a gentleman selling for his friend on Craigslist. (Red flag 1). I live 3 hours away and it was hailing. (Red flag 2). When I got there it was a balloon party rental store warehouse with a bunch of creepy ass clowns. (Red flag 3, oh shit I'm going to get murdered). I call him and he tells me to come to the side down this ally kind of.(seriously why the fuck am I still heading there) (Yep getting murdered, If someone popped out I was prepared to go wot till I got out). I see a gentlemen in front of an Audi rs4 (THANK GOD IM NOT GETTING MURDERED!!!). We talk and he's the gentlemen I'm meeting. He ask me to come into his shop which was hidden behind this creepy balloon party rental store. I walk up and there's a tesla parked infornt. (Another good sign). We get inside and, well just look for yourself.


More cars but I didn't take good pics. Never expected this. Oh and a 285 square set barely fits in an m3. Needless to say it's a good day.

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