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So I bought tickets to watch the FIA WEC 6h race here in São Paulo

And it was dirt cheap! Like, holy crap how cheap it was! I spent US$52 for the tickets to the training on Saturday and the race on the Sunday! Saturday tickets were $15! And on the good spots! And apparently they'll allow paddock access for everyone on Saturday!

Also, today they started selling the tickets for Formula 1 here in São Paulo. $200! For the cheapest spot. You know that corner on the race track where there's a plastic chair in the sun and you can maybe see a glimpse of the slowest corner? Yep. Regular tickets are all over US$500.


I know F1 was always an elitist racing. But I can't really find a reason for such a big difference between prices. I've never been on any of these two races. Is the event so different?

Have some Eau Rouge WEC video for your troubles.

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