And outside of the Quadrifoglio performance model, they aren’t as pricey as I thought they would be, but it still gets up there. I built the base model and top model to see how high I could get them, as I usually do. Between the top and bottom models, there are 2 other trims, a Sport AWD that starts at $43,795 and a Ti AWD that starts at $43,995.

The Base Stelvio starts at pretty much $43 grand. One of the things I found weird about all the trims is that, outside of the typical Alfa Red, every single exterior color is a $600 option, even white. On the top trim there are 2 special colors that are $2000 dollar options. All in all, with most options including every single safety system such as lane departure, cruise controls etc, there was $8400 in options bringing in the total to a surprising $51,390.

The top of the Stelvio Ti Sport starts at $46,495, like I mentioned before. For it to be the top trim, it doesn’t have many options like the other models do. With $5950 in options it rang in just $2050 more than the base model with almost all of the available options. That’s pretty close. There are no engine options other than the standard 2.0 280 horse 4 that comes on all models.


For what it is (pretty much a raised Giulia with a hatch), it enters a crowded field of car based crossovers. It competes with the Porsche Macan, Mercedes GLC, and Jaguar F-Pace. Do you guys think its competitive performance and price wise with these vehicles? I think so, but I don’t necessarily think I would spend my money on one either.