Theres really nothing in there that would qualify my purchase of an i8.

That is a shame.

Maybe for the first time in a long time (despite all those Astons I love so much, as well as things like the FRS and Boss 302 and Aventador and MP4 Spider more notably) has a car come along that actually makes me pay attention.

I don't know what it is about the car that has me so in love with it, honestly I don't think I care. I want this.

It is a BMW that does not look like most BMWs yet still says "I am a BMW". Its a nice movement forward in design that in small parts is echoed in cars like the M4, yet is so apart from them that you'd swear BMW gave its designers some LSD and a weekend locked in a design studio with a bunch of clay.

More eloquently put, this is how much I want an i8: