Important information. The previous owner took the belt for the A/C off, so I’m guessing it has a seized compressor. Oh well, people survived before A/C. Plus if it is seized I could probably get the guy to come down on the price a little.

Now for the possible HG issue. First of all it only misfires below 2k. I don’t really know much about HG failures, but I’d think if it was the HG the misfire wouldn’t go away after 2k.

Also the owner said there’s just a puff of white smoke when you accelerate for the first time or after it’s been idling for a while. I didn’t see any smoke come out when he drove it, but he said he saw a little bit when I did.

Anyway, I’m starting to thing the smoke might be oil from leaky valve seals (Just like a Honda!) rather than a HG based on that. However I’d still get a leakdown test done before buying it.

The only other issue with it is that the shifter is sloppy af, but that’s probably just shifter bushings. (Also how does the red line of grammar magic not recognize the word shifter?)


Also I’m going to go see an Integra tomarrow. And possibly an old F150, Tercel, and EF Civic as well.