So I decided I'm going to keep my car. I know it's history, it's almost paid off, and once it is paid off I can look for a second car, one that is a manual. But I have a few questions though, so please excuse me because I'm still learning in automotive knowledge.

1. My car currently has 86k miles on it, is there any maintenance (big or small) that should be done to it at this stage in it's life? Since its my only car, I plan on keeping it running until it literally dies.

2. To combat the coming winter, I convinced my wife that its ok to get snow tires. Should I get two or four of them? I was thinking four, so the wear on the current tires wouldn't be uneven, and I could just rotate the snow tires the next winter, so they would/could last longer. Does that sound right?

3. Is there anything else I should be aware of when driving a car in the show? Any precautions?