So I did an Autocross

And my final run, I epically spun. AND the PDR failed to pick it up due to my poor choice in SD cards I installed (wrong size, wouldn’t format.) Slowest Corvette of the day, including C5s and C6s.

Those cones are actually really hard to see even after you walk the course twice. Next time, I’ll be showing early walking it about 12 times.


Here is the picture proof I was there that day, and my car isn’t even in it. I have one post-spin video where I am ending the run post spin, which is about as unexciting as it gets.

AZSolo at AMP on 4/6/19. I did beat a Miata, which means something if it’s your first time. Only took me 550 extra horsepower and massive 20" tires, but I DID IT OPPO. My best time was 46.8 out of 4 runs.


The best Z06 driver there did a 37.8, so I have some time to make up. 

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