So I did it.

Yup, I pulled the trigger. Picking her up coming weekend, and after that, give her a nice detail and winter tires fitment. I now have two cars with two nostrils.

CarProof actually came out clean, only thing bad on the record was that it’s an out of province vehicle. Other than that, a few scratches on the bumpers and a bad A/C fan which they said they will fix.


ALTHOUGH when I took it to my mechanic today, he noticed a weird wider than normal panel gap near the A-pillar on the passenger side. Although we looked really hard, it does not look repainted at all, or they did a really good job fixing it. I’m just going to assume someone put their ass on the fender and loosened a bolt. Told the dealer to try to straighten it out for me, if not I’ll do it myself (used to adjusting my fender all the time, perils of owning a handbuilt car). Didn’t notice anything else on my LONG drive from the dealer to my mechanic, I’m surprised the dealer even let me do it, they were in a different towns.

PS: suggestions on which I should get for my winter rims?

EDIT: Added poll, thanks S65.



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