...but this Supreme Court gay marriage stunt is pretty stupid.

Judging from my Junior level understanding of the constitution and the US government, the Supreme Court has two jobs: To determine if laws are constitutional and to rule over cases that have been appealed to them. It is not in charge of determining whether a law is right, or smart, or efficient, or the like.

So really, this gay marriage debate should have been an in and out procedure. California decided to vote (how dare they?!) on whether they wanted their state to acknowledge same sex marriage. Now the Supreme Court must rule on whether this is Constitutional. Because the constitution does not have anything in it regarding marriage (because the Government should have never been in the marriage business, but that's another rant) and because the Constitution permits any state powers provided they don't infringe on any of the constitutional amendments, the Supreme Court shouldn't have taken more than 5 minutes to unanimously vote in favor of Proposition 8.

Instead what do we have? We've got justices on both sides granting themselves power beyond the limits of their office to go on some political crusade and promote their own agenda by trying to interpret the implications of this law as if the California lawmakers didn't already. It's pretty sad that the voice of the people can be overturned by 8 people because they don't agree with it.