Well, since today is my birthday i decide to go out and buy a Mazda Cosmo that i saw yesterday. But since the owner won't part away with it, i decide to buy something else for myself in a mall near the place where i saw the Cosmo. And Apparently the Mall have an event called "Free Test Drive". Great!

There's a few cars avaliable or test drive arround the mall's parking lot, for free. There's Peugeot with RCZ, 3008, 408, and 508. I didn't drive any of those because i have driven all of them, except the 3008. But since i think the 3008 is ugly i skip the whole stand altogether.

There's Mazda with the Mazda 2 and the Biante. I did drive the Mazda 2, fantastic car to look and drive. If you want, i could do a quickride about that thing.


There's Nissan too, with the brand new X-Trail and Nissan Serena. I drove the X-Trail, and came out a little bit dissapointed, because the gadgets inside the X-Trail is really similar with my Elgrand, which is nearly 10 years older.


There's also a BMW M3. But you can only a passenger inside the car which then carefully driven by a BMW Salesman. I kinda wish i could drive it.

And there's some old Citroen, which you can't drive it. You can only sat inside.

Still, because this is my Birthday, i would give you a present in shape of a Quickride! Between the X-Trail and Mazda 2, which one that i should do a quickride?