Oh my god.

I was heading out to the store with friend girl and she insisted that we take her car, a 2009 Dodge Avenger SXT. The interior wasn't great but it does have a heated/cooled cup holder that I thought was kind of cool. The exterior is well.. an Avenger and therefor awful in my opinion.

Driving out of our parking lot I noticed how vague the steering felt (or rather didn't feel), kind of like a boat. The low end acceleration is terrible and you have to stop the gas and wait 4 seconds before the car realizes what you want it to do. Going down the hill I noticed that the brakes are dreadful but, this probably had more to do with her neglecting the car. We got to the store just fine, the car drove and had a lot of play in the wheel but it didn't feel awful.

On the way home I was feeling good so I decided to take the autobahn and see what the Avenger could do! I got it up to 80 and it was still vague but smooth, 90 was the same story, 100 felt fine, 110 buttery, 115 HOLY FUCKING SHIT WE ARE GOING TO DIE! The car started choosing it's own path and doing whatever it felt like. Right away I slowed back down to a reasonable 90mph and drove the rest of the way home. I told her I hated her car and that I wouldn't drive it again.


All in all it was an experience but it just reconfirmed my hatred of the Avenger.