Yes, the automatic one I posted last week. I decided to give it a chance, as some of you suggested.

The owner was really cool and was forthright about the vehicle. The car wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was as good as it looked, which is to say, incredible for its age. The body was nearly flawless and the interior was serviceable. And I’m a sucker for those ‘80s graphics on the sides, as you all know.

The drive was also relaxing. The interior was splendid, with the driver’s seat cradling me like the warm embrace of an innocent cuddling with a friend that turns PG-13 soonafter. All the buttons worked, the gauges worked, (almost) everything worked!

The automatic transmission really wasn’t that bad at all. It pulled just fine, with all of perhaps 124hp. The steering was tight, the suspension was good, very smooth ride...


What I’m saying is that this felt like a better version of my first car: an automatic ‘92 Integra.

And that’s why I didn’t buy it.

It’s a great car for the price, but the fact that it compared more closely to a car that I admittedly did not enjoy, was just too concerning. I’m ready to drive something better than what I’ve ever had, not to just wind up back where I started. It’s a car that I felt like I would not feel compelled to keep. I’m not going down that road again. I’m looking for a forever car. I could have bought this Celica for peanuts and driven it for another decade — and likely regret it everyday when I see an SC400 pass me on the interstate.


I will say this: that Celica, in its condition... had it been equipped with a manual, this post might be about how I bought a Celica. Of course the seller would have boosted up his price to between 3 and 5k, so maybe not.

This auto Celica and my former auto Integra are so alike: great to look at, great to sit in, but not engaging to drive.


It was good to finally drive one, though. And now I know if I ever need a car in a pinch that I can tolerate but also easily afford, I’d definitely look these up again. And I would love to drive one with a manual if I get a chance.