I'm working at a different dealership than usual today, and it just so happens my main location had a car that needed to be shuttled to the place I was headed. Seeing a few gallons of free gas in my future, I took the car home last night so I could drive it to the other lot today.

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This morning as I was putting together my breakfast, my girlfriend looked out our kitchen window and in a concerned tone of voice exclaimed, "What is THAT!?"

Thinking something was amiss in our vegetable garden, I walked over to have a look and asked her "What is what?"


"That car" she said, with a worried look on her face. "What IS that?"

"It's a Chevy Sonic" I told her.

"Oh." she said with a disgusted look. "It's so... round."

I'm not much of a fan either, though I do have to admit the leather is the softest I've ever felt in an econobox. Not that I'd ever buy a car like this with leather- I'd either save the money and buy a cheaper one, or spend that extra money on a better car.


So, there you have it. Is this evidence that women don't like Chevy Sonics? Hard to say. Because a nice car, in my girlfriend's eyes, is something like a classic AE86 or a MKIV Supra. And this is one of many reasons why she's so awesome and I love her.

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