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So I found this.

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And she looks pretty. Hopefully going to take a look tomorrow, assuming he hasn't sold her yet. *knock on wood* Payments would be $230-$250 a month for 4 years. Sounds like a deal, and a great way to get some credit during school. Bad thing is insurance will probably be like $150-$200. Lot different than my partial coverage at $25 per month now. Worth it though.


Its like an hour and some change away but if I can go up and take a peak tomorrow, make a decision tomorrow night, get approved for the loan Monday (or tomorrow if I don't work, think I do though) and pick it up Monday evening. Sell the Expy, unless my dad decides to keep it in which case I wouldn't get any money from that. Which is fair enough though considering he bought the thing (anything over the original price ($2,000) is what I'd get, so not much but its something.


Main thing to stress about now though is getting approved, is it available and getting a rate under (hopefully) 6%. If I can do all that then I'll be taking pictures of her Tuesday for everyone after a good shine up. Fingers crossed.

And for those remembering my post where I was looking at leases and all that, that's still an option right now but this is option #1. I'd rather pay $230 a month on this than on a Dart, as much as I like the thing.


And backup WRX option at this point is this baby.…

Further away and older which are both dings. Looks clean though and I do like the look of the bug eyes. Not as much as the 05 but still nice. Price is nice too.

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