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So I got a flat tire yesterday...

I had just purchased the tires from Tires Plus (big mistake) and I knew road hazard was included. So I went there after work to get the tire replaced. After waiting for more than an hour to mount and balance one tire. This is what I got in return.

49 weights at 1/4 oz(7gm)= 12.25 ounces(343 grams) and they were even kind enough to double stack some for me so it looks super cool from the other side! /S

The service writer/tech said the wheel must be bent (it's not) . I didn't even contest, I was tired of waiting, I was hungry and I just wanted to go home. It was after closing and I didn't even know what to say to him. Everything that came to mind at the time would not have been polite to say, so I remained silent and felt it best to just walk away.

AND the (TL;DR) for those of you with a short attentions span like me!

I got a flat tire, went to Tires Plus to get if replace, Waited over an hour, then was presented with the above picture, I proceeded to make the expression below, I then left with my dignity knowing that due to their incompetence I would need to go elsewhere to get my wheel balanced correctly.


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