A 2000 Subaru Legacy L!

Not precisely *the* sexiest of Scoobies, but I really like her. Such a vast difference between that little wagon and the Chevy Venture.

The biggest difference of course, having a manual transmission and being so much lower to the ground. Everything else is vanilla (NOT beige!)- stock stereo (which is pretty decent for a stock stereo), and no leather, no special decals or anything.


And it's just perfect. I can feel the road again. I don't have to slow down for the S-curves, whether I'm doing 70km/h or 120km/h. The bolsters aren't designed for soccer moms. In fact, they are quite possibly the best seats I've had in any previously enjoyed car I've ever had!

And the doors don't lock when I go above 30km/h.

So much joy.

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