Anyone have any questions they want answered?

I’ll list off some pros and cons I’ve found so far:


  • The customization is awesome, there’s so many different ways to mix and match things
  • Yes, the E46 M3 has the GTR bodykit as an option
  • The car list is pretty diverse, everything from the Volvo 242 to the ND Miata to the Ferrari F40
  • The car tuning is pretty good too. You can adjust various sliders to have a drift car that locks into the perfect drift by just tapping the brakes (super arcade-y style) or turn off the drift assists and have to actually feather the throttle and brakes to keep it going. Tune your car more for grip and the thing hugs the corners like a racecar.
  • The cops. They’re not all over the place which means you can still get away with having some fun, they’ll pull you over for minor infractions (speeding, running red lights, etc.) and you have to option to pay the ticket and go on your way or you can take off and try to lose them (reminds me a lot of Midnight Club LA’s system in that regard), and they aren’t super aggressive so it’s possible to kind of toy with them and drag on a chase without really worrying about getting your car impounded (mostly because impounding cars and heat levels aren’t in this game, you just pay a big fine and move on).
  • The spontaneous challenges (like challenging a driver in the Forza Horizon games or instant challenges in the Test Drive Unlimited games) are pretty good. The game world is populated by human and AI drivers simultaneously and you simply pull up alongside them and press a button. You’re then given the option to challenge them to a sprint race (random checkpoint is placed on the map, first person there wins), a outrun challenge (like in Underground 2, get ahead of the other player and then increase that gap to win), or a drift race (you have a time limit and whoever gets to most drift points in that time wins).
  • The daily challenges are a nice little addition. Currently my objectives are to win the “Drift Like A Panthaa” drift event, win a spontaneous event against a human player, and smash three roadblocks in a police chase and as a reward I get the Rocket Bunny v1.0 spoiler to put on one of my cars.


  • The paint editor sucks. There’s no grid when placing stickers so you have to line everything up by eye and as far as I know there’s no way to mirror designs to the other side of the car so you have to remake your entire design on the other side too. The paint sliders don’t have any values assigned to them so it’s impossible to recreate a color exactly on another part of the car.
  • The AI seems to be a total crapshoot when it comes to difficulty. The catch-up on them is ridiculous. You can go from being 1st with a solid quarter mile lead and suddenly the entire pack passes you in the blink of an eye. Races are just a matter of keeping pace until the final stretch before pushing past all of the other racers.
  • The map. It’s fucking tiny. Like, maybe the size of Underground 2’s map, if that. The “downtown” that characters say to avoid because of all of the cop activity is literally a couple of blocks and then some 2D building beyond the game boundaries.
  • You can only own up to 5 cars at a time. Why? Why put all of this effort into the customization options for each car if you can’t even try them out without selling another car first?


*Keep in mind this is a beta so these things are subject to change*