I was driving along highway 6 in the right lane with cruise control set to 70, and I saw a trooper pull a u-turn as soon as he'd passed by me going the opposite direction. Immediately, I knew he was gunning for me, but I just kept my bearing and waited for the inevitable.

A few minutes passed, and I now had a trooper tailgating me in the right lane. This continued for about 5 miles until he decided it was time to turn on his lights. I immediately moved over onto the shoulder, and turned off my car after rolling down my window. He walks up to my car, and asked me if I knew why I'd been pulled over today. I dutifully responded no, at which point he pondered for a moment and responded it was because I had no front plate. After that he asked what was in my kennel in the passenger seat, and I pointed out it was my lovely cat Frank. He went to run my info, and after that was when things got interesting.


After coming back to my car, he began to probe into what else I might have in my car. "Do you have anything illegal in your car today?"

"No, sir."

"What else do you have in your vehicle?"

"Well, I've got my cat up front, and my backpack with my clothes in the trunk."

"Are you sure you don't have anything illegal in your car today? I'd like to take a look through—"

At this point I cut him off. I didn't have anything fun in my car at all, and I wasn't about to authorize an illegal search of my vehicle. "I will not consent to the search of my vehicle." I said, as I looked him dead in the eyes. After that, he was taken aback and said he had to go run some more information in his patrol car. I assume he was looking for an existing warrant, or something absurd like that. He came back a few minutes later, and asked me to step out of my car so we could talk off the side of the road. The request made sense, but that didn't prevent my heart from going into overdrive.

I stepped out, and went to go talk with him in front of his squad car, presumably in view of his dashcam. He had a few more probing questions for me (Where are you going, are you in school, etc), and then finally bit the bullet and dropped this line-


"So if you have nothing illegal in your car, why wouldn't you consent to a search?"

"Personally, Officer, I find it to be a constitutional issue. If you had a search warrant or probable cause, you wouldn't need my permission to search my vehicle, and I'd be happy to let you do so. Since you have neither, I'd really like to get back on the road and be on my way." Again, he said he'd like to go back to his car and get some information, and then he came back and told me I'd be getting a warning today, which I was quite honestly surprised by.


TL;DR: was subject to age profiling and an attempt to get me prison time, got away safely.