So I got this new smart watch, but the only apps it came with are date and time

I might have been messing with everyone when I posted a picture of a Tag Heuer Connected Modular, but I did actually did get slightly intoxicated and order it online. I got it from Tourneau. I was planning on getting it this month and they happened to have a 10% off sale, so I said what the hell and got it. It’s another thing that I’ve wanted for many years, I think since I was in high school. My high school friend had a fake datejust and I lusted after a real one. I waited so long because I thought it would be too small. My Tag is a 42mm and I wanted something around that size. I had planned on buying an Air King in 2016, but then I got laid off. I started to think about getting a watch again recently. I eventually went and looked at the Datejust and changed my mind about the size. So here we are, got myself a new to me Rolex.


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