So I had today off, and seeing as I had no plans you can guess what I did

If you saw my last post, know probably guessed I went to some dealers to look at cars that I have almost no intention of buying. Well, I woke up this morning and was like, I should see if Carmax has anything interesting. They did, they had this 2013 Audi S5. So I made an appointment to go look at it.

Naturally, I took it for a drive. I didn’t like it. The steering was too light, then again it is an electric power steering unit. It also felt a little disjointed, like it didn’t feel sharp. I’m going to chalk that up to the fact that it was probably in comfort mode, or whatever Audi’s equivalent is. I was also spent 5-10 minutes behind the wheel. The infotainment was also completely alien to me. That’s not the car’s fault though. Give me more time with it and I could probably give you a better assessment. I’m going to have to just write this experience off. It was quick and the DCT shifted nicely, so maybe with a few more minutes and all the electronics turned to sport, I might like it.


While I was there, they offered to appraise the M3. I figured I might as well see what they would offer me. I had my 128i appraised there when I was trying to sell it and I was interested if it would me more inline with what I was expecting. I had taken it to BMW of Hilton Head back in August when I was looking at a 2016 M3 and they also made an offer on the M3. They offered 30k, so I was thinking Carmax would be less than that.

So was it less, yes but by only $1000. While I believe the car is worth more than that, at least private party/retail, it was more than I was expecting. It was actually a little surprising since they’ve got this 2011 for 33k.


So given that, I would consider it to be fair enough. If I was selling it, I probably wouldn’t take it, I would sell it private party.

While at Carmax, I saw this ridiculous thing.


My friend, who just got a Golf R said I should go to VW and check out a Golf R. Since VW was on the way home, I stopped to see if they had any in stock, they didn’t.


That doesn’t look right.


I also stopped at Lexus to see if they had a used RC350, they didn’t but they did have an LFA.

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