Do I take a lower position job for more pay or stick where I’m at for less?

To keep a long story short, I’ve kind of been getting sick of my current grocery store retail job. I started out a little over a year ago as a bagger and moved up to a stocking position in grocery in only a few months. However I ended up doing nearly every kind of job in the store because we are ridiculously short staffed. I’m in a important position and needed all the time. But these past few months have just been frustrating and at barley above minimum wage I am tired of it. Others in my position (At other stores) usually get 10-11 an hour while I’m working harder for much less.

The past two weeks I started looking at job openings and applied. One was at a big hardware store I frequent with a similar job of what I do know. Except the position turned out to be a lot job. Getting carts, helping load cars among other tasks. A lot of what I did as a bagger. But I was offered the job for ten an hour, which is a significant more amount of money than what I’m making now. I also get similar hours. I have a much bigger interest in hardware over groceries. The manager’s said if I do well enough I’ll be moved up quickly. I already met some of the associates and they all seem really nice and enjoy the job.


Extra money would be great right now. I’ve been wanting to buy a few nice things for myself but always hold back because of how much I make. I got my first speeding ticket (Total accident for the record). But still, I’m not sure if I want to go back down to pushing carts again. I only need this job through college so I’m tempted to just suck it up and quit.

Or maybe I should just hand in my two weeks to my manager and see how bad he really wants to keep me. Training another to do everything I’ve done has taken a long time and we can’t hire enough people as it is. It seems greedy to ask for more money but after seeing how much I could be making elsewhere, it’s just not worth it anymore. I’m just kind of conflicted and could really use some advice. Any input would be great appreciated. Here’s where most of the money I earn goes in to. Which is so worth it.

UPDATE: So I’ve decided, I’m going to hand in my two weeks to my current employer and if they don’t at least match the new offer I’m leaving. I’m feeling excited now, I got a chance to think about things different and I really just should take the new job. I can probably learn a lot more and have more opportunities. Thanks for all the help!

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