So, I have a functional motorcycle.

Last month I picked up a collection of parts that claimed to be a 1974 Honda CB125s. Torn apart, top end dissasembled, rotten tires, missing parts, faded paint, torn seat, but somehow an appealing and honest little machine.

Yes, it’s in my office at work. Shut up.

Yesterday, I took it for its first test ride, which was incidentally, my first time on a motorcycle.


It’s small, it’s light, it doesn’t have much power, and I adore it. Still need rear turn signals (and a motorcycle license), but once those things are addressed, and I have a little more practice under my belt, I’m going to be getting to work on this thing when the weather is agreeable.

I’ve already got the esentials with regards to safety gear, as well, so now it’s practice, practice, practice.

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